5G mmWave Technologies

May 18, 2022
Fujikura Ltd.

Fujikura, Ltd., a leading supplier to the telecom market is pleased to announce it is collaborating with GlobalFoundries (GF) in enabling the commercial availability of FutureAccess™, industry’s most integrated 28GHz 5G mmWave module, for both mobile as well as fixed wireless infrastructure markets.

Fujikura has been a key supplier to the Telecom market (both fixed and mobile operators worldwide). Fujikura now expands its Telecom device footprint by announcing the commercial availability of 28GHz 5G mmWave module. This is the culmination of several years of internal R&D and strategic collaboration with some key industry players. FutureAccess™ roadmap includes dedicated 5G mmWave modules for all the licensed frequency bands.

In the recent months, several leading operators around the world announced aggressive plans to rollout 5G networks for both MBB (mobile broadband) as well as FWA (fixed wireless access) use cases. There is nowhere more pronounced than in the US market where 5G FWA continues to make market share gains vs. incumbent wired broadband access connectivity options. We are also seeing an unprecedented challenge in global supply chain due to geo-political as well as COVID-19 circumstances. It is important to ensure device manufacturers forge strong strategic partnerships to support customers through predictable supply chain.

Fujikura has been fortunate to collaborate with GF for the 5G mmWave products. Fujikura FutureAccess™ RF-IC PAAMs (Phased Array Antenna Modules) are fabricated in the US at GF’s fab leveraging the high performance SiGe RF process technology. Fujikura has invested in the PAAM technology as it provides the 5G mmWave infrastructure customers the best-optimized performance, power, modularity, programmability, cost, and integration.

“Fujikura benefitted from GF’s mature SiGe process and strong track record of fabricating mmWave products. Fujikura PAAM is highly integrated, and it was important for us to ensure we leverage the best RF process technology option that would support our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of cost, performance, and quality/reliability. By utilizing GF’s mature SiGe RF process, Fujikura was able to achieve unique digital control supporting seamless beamforming, low noise and high power efficiency performance, “ said Kenji Nishide, Head of Electronics Technologies R&D Center at Fujikura.

“5G and future networks will require highly efficient base station transmitters that also deliver exceptional receiver performance to support demanding user requirements for data rate and network coverage, all of which are enabled by our high-performance silicon germanium processes,” said Peter Rabbeni, vice president of Mobile and Wireless Infrastructure business unit at GF.

Fujikura FutureAccess™ will sample to selected customers in May 2022. Evaluation board, integrated with an FPGA board, will be available at the same time. For further information, please visit Fujikura dedicated product website (https://mmwavetech.fujikura.jp/5g/ ), where a number of videos, white papers, and relevant collaterals are also available.

Source: https://www.fujikura.co.jp/eng/newsrelease/products/2065798_11777.html